Find the VIN Before You Buy Honda Used Auto Parts!


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is one of the most important pieces of information you should know about your car. Car manufacturers all over the world like Honda use the VIN to identify defective cars in their production lines, just as how parts suppliers use the VIN to find matching Honda used auto parts for a particular vehicle. It’s crucial, then, that you know where to find the VIN in your car. Continue reading


The Car Boneyard


Do you know why the Air Force maintains one of the biggest storage facilities for aircraft in the world? Other than to reduce its operational fleet of planes as per arms reduction treaties, the Air Force uses it to store surplus airframes and parts. Any country looking to buy aircraft from the U.S., particularly second-hand ones, will come from the preserved units in the “boneyard.”

The automotive market also maintains their own boneyard, namely dealerships of used auto parts. Old cars come in to these facilities to be stripped of parts that can be resold as second-hand parts. Of course, these auto parts are checked for integrity and performance. It’s expensive for both the consumer and manufacturer to open a new line for making out-of-production parts. Continue reading

Investing in a Fixer-Upper Car


Always dreamed of having a car that you can build from the ground up and then selling it? When it comes to investing in fixer-upper cars, it’s best to do your research. There’s a fine line between a fixed-up car that can be sold and one that’s a total bomb.


When looking at any vehicle you’re hoping to purchase as an investment, it may be worth getting an expert’s opinion. Also, be aware of how the car market is fairing at any given moment and make sure there are people willing to buy the car from you if and when you choose to sell it.

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