Find the VIN Before You Buy Honda Used Auto Parts!


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is one of the most important pieces of information you should know about your car. Car manufacturers all over the world like Honda use the VIN to identify defective cars in their production lines, just as how parts suppliers use the VIN to find matching Honda used auto parts for a particular vehicle. It’s crucial, then, that you know where to find the VIN in your car.

Fortunately, Honda places its VINs in various places so that it’s impossible for you to miss them. If you own a 1995 Honda Civic, for example, the VIN is located near the base of your front windscreen; stamped on a small, silver strip. Pop the hood and you can also see the VIN in at least three places: on top of the suspension housing, the center of the bulkhead, and near the engine’s exhaust manifold. The VIN resembles a collection of 17 letters and numbers.

If you’re curious, the first two numbers/letters of the VIN can tell you where your car was made. The third number/letter can tell you exactly what kind of automobile it is that you own, while the fourth to eighth figures pertain to body type, engine type, and other information about the car. The ninth figure is a security code, while the rest of the figures in the VIN are numbers/letters that are unique to your car.


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