Investing in a Fixer-Upper Car


Always dreamed of having a car that you can build from the ground up and then selling it? When it comes to investing in fixer-upper cars, it’s best to do your research. There’s a fine line between a fixed-up car that can be sold and one that’s a total bomb.


When looking at any vehicle you’re hoping to purchase as an investment, it may be worth getting an expert’s opinion. Also, be aware of how the car market is fairing at any given moment and make sure there are people willing to buy the car from you if and when you choose to sell it.

You can always make money out of a restoration job, but there are plenty of variables to consider. For instance, any potential profit depends on the brand and model you choose. You likewise need to invest in quality car parts for the auto restoration project.


Remember, your fixer-upper is only an investment if you sustain that mindset throughout the rebuilding process. If you fall in love with the car when you’re done with the repairs and refuse to sell it afterward, it ceases to be an investment. It may be fun and attractive to have in your garage, but no money will go into your pocket unless you’re willing to part with it and put it up for sale.

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